Q. What vehicle category do I need to have on my licence to drive the 7.5 tonne.

A. Category C is required, If you passed your test before 1997 you will automatically have this.  Remember if you do not hold this licence we could supply a driver or we could deliver it for you, ring our haulage for a quote.


Q. What if I breakdown?tacho

A. The hire vehicles are a small part of our business, we also have our own workshops with qualified mechanics who will attend to you should it be in the local area, otherwise a national breakdown service will be sent.


Q. Is there a daily mileage limit? 

A. No it is unlimited milegage. 


Q. Am I exempt from using a Tachograph?

A. You are only exempt if the hire is for private use only, e.g. moving house.


Q. What sort of Tachograph is in the vehicles?

A. Digital tachographs are in the 2006 plated vehicles, therefore digital driver cards are required, the older vehicles are all analogue.


For more information goto www.dvla.gov.uk


Q. Do I need an Operators Licence?

A. Yes, if you are using a vehicle which is over 3.5 for your business.


Q. How long does it take to apply for a Operators licence.

A. Depending on you circumstances it can take up to 6months.  Please contact our office for more information relating to this.


For more information www.dft.gov.uk/vosa


Q. Are there any other options

A. Yes why not ask us for a haulage quote and save time and let us do they work for you.


If you have any questions about any of this information then please contact us HERE or phone us on 01228 792481